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after we focus on the Hex-Zoom with the Zoom Fit Agility Tiago recently exposed two new colors, like advertising color, the two also uses monochromatic design, a red and blue are bright color. Adidas behind New York Nicks, and then push the new Nicks theme hue D Rose Englewood 2. The shoes are full of metallic royal blue with orange and white, with a gradient at the bottom, the upper with large scale decoration, texture is good. This section adidas D Rose Englewood 2 is available now. ; from confron cheap jordans online tation to cooperation, China and the world's footwear industry relations are quietly changing. See the reporter held here on the China international shoe fair, in the international footwear market and trade friction China fierce Italy, Spain and other European countries, the footwear industry, by the state group, attended the third session held in Beijing China international footwear fair. The shoe Expo area is more than 5000 square meters, more than 2000 square meters by the international footwear brands occupy, Portugal, Germa Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ny, Belgium, Japan's famous shoe brands, are held by the International Footwear Fair platform in Beijing, have landed in Chinese market. as the world's largest footwear production and export country, last year the total Chinese footwear production has reached nine billion, exports amounted to $seventeen billion and one hundred million, accounted for fifty-three percent of the total world footwear and sixty percent. But China international shoe manufacturing center, in recent years by the international peer challenge from Spain Retro jordans for sale burning shoe incident to the EU on Chinese, temporary Chinese shoes are levied progressive anti-dumping tax, from April this year increased by four point seven percent to the current nineteen point four percent, the world's footwear trade pattern change constantly in the competition. adjust product structure, change the mode of growth, build brands, changes in competition in Chinese footwear industry, not only to show the shoe production powers to seek reform, promote the healthy development of the industry's determination, als cheap foamposites o reproduces the China as the world's largest market potential shoes to the world and aroused great interest in the international peers and buyers more. The international footwear industry, especially the European well-known fashion footwear brands and manufacturers "into the China" yearning for. Therefore, by China arts and crafts import and Export Chamber of Commerce and Trade Development Bureau of Ministry of Commerce jointly hosted the third session of the Chinese international footwear Expo "has become the international footw Retro jordans for sale ear brand and Chinese and seek development cooperation and exchange platform. said Italy shoe-making power, China consumers on the pursuit of fashion and quality, provides a huge market space for the development of the footwear industry in Italy, as in Europe to export finished leather China most populous country, Italy Footwear Association in Italy foreign trade association under the support group made a number of well-known shoe brands in Beijing International Shoe Fair. Said the long-term cooperation. Spain and Portugal have cheap jordan shoes for men also participated in the form of national groups, indicating the determination to cooperate with china. China Light Industry Arts and crafts import and Export Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the European Footwear Manufacturers Association, held the "China brand shoes in Europe" project, in the "China brand shoes in Europe" exhibition held a signing ceremony. The first batch of participating Chinese enterprises also exchanged talks with European buyers. experts believe that China footwear products R & D capability is Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping relatively weak, the lack of international brands, market consumption capacity and weak self guiding, which restricts the healthy development of Chinese footwear products export trade. China light craft import and Export Chamber of Commerce stressed that onlyYesterday you suspected exposure this Christmas version of the Air Jordan 6 Christmas, or Jordan's MVP title and build, vampsuse extremely bright red leather, and the inside of the black and red pattern also confirms Jordan to create a legend in NBA, finally the collocation of cheap jordans for sale white midsole and outsole blue crystal, the details of the black and green embellishment. item: 694091-625 1.jpg (157.67 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-9 upload 19:21 4.jpg (41.79 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-9 19:21 upload 5.jpg (62.55 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-9 19:21 upload 3.jpg (69.73 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-9 19:21 upload 2.jpg (90.58 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-9 19:21 AJ Air upload Jordan 6, MVP 00, aj6had earlier introduced, it will b Cheap air jordans for sale e well-known for its sports brand Reebok Pump Omni Lite Classic sneakers bring new "Pump Vintage" color in spring 2014, will bring more details of the picture overwhelmed. The entire pair of shoes designed to sepia tone as the base, and the use of beige leather material combined with navy blue mesh fabric constituted shoes, supplemented by an orange element in many embellishment, and equipped to do the old outsole presentation, overall full of the last century 90's retro charm. In addition to the shoe, the new "Pump Vintage" serie cheap jordans for sale mens s also includes Pump Graphlite, Pump Running Dual Pump Aerobics Lite and three choices, and the series is expected to be on sale at designated shops, etc. 43einhalb January 14 next year. video address: http: // nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] According to ESPN reports, Michael - Qiaodan Fei people sign is well known, but recently named Jacobus - Brent Mist photographer sued Nike infringement, Brent Mist Qiaodan Fei said he is the person who signs the prototype of the shooting. Photographer Jordan captured picture Nike Jordan Legs dunk shot Figure According to Brent Mist say, the summer of 1984, he shot a straddle Jordan dunk (microblogging) photos, this photo was published in "Life" magazine's summer Olympic column. As a freelancer, Brent Mister retains copyright of this picture. After this, Nike has twice used this picture and gave a total of $ 150 Brent Mist. According to Jacobs's allegations, Nike and later used this idea to re-shoot the Jordan Legs dunk pictures, and use this image to create a Jordan brand unique "trapeze" trademark. Allegations, Brent Mist considered by the trademark, Nike reaped huge profits. Initially Nike "Air" logo on a billboard when Brent Mister had threatened to prosecute for Nike, Nike gave Brent was $ 15,000 Mister, as This photo two-year fee. Last December, Brent Mist in the United States Copyright Office registered the copyright of the original image, it is unclear why after nearly 30 years, Brent Mist remembered sued Nike. For this problem, Brent Mist and his lawyer did not reply to the media. For Lent Mist prosecution, Nike spokesman Greg - Rossiter also declined to comment. According to US federal law, in infringement of three years has been infringed can go to safeguard their rights. However, in case of infringement of a pile appeared in May 2014, the final judgment the Federal Court, if the infringement continues, the infringement period will not be a three-year term limit. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Wenger Brand & nbsp; Danby slave women.)

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