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Follow Friends MP3 Channel on the Nike + iPod Sport Kit certainly no stranger, we have reported before about the product multiple messages, including a comprehensive display, DIY accessories, watches and other accessories, for the product is approximately Performance has also been little understood. Now this sports accessory kit officially goes on sale in China Taiwan, mainland China market mainstream opinion landing day is not far off. Go to the conference site in Taiwan marathon runner Kevin Lin for everyone about the importance of music when he was crossing the desert to him. If you want to use this accessory k cheap jordans for sale it, we first have to have a pair of Nike Plus running shoes, and then placed in an iPod prototype fitting groove under the foot sole, in the wireless sensors can be carried out while running through a built-in chip , all kinds of sports information (such as distance, speed, calories burned, etc.) to the hands of the iPod nano inside and take feedback from the voice (Voice Prompt) that all information. And the runners entered the final stage and tired when you can use a personal set of Power Song to motivate lift their spirits, to complete the final sprint. In addition, when running over, we will be connected to th Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping e computer and the iPod nano and the Internet, it can be every runner's motion data recording and analysis. In addition, the product also supports the 50-member team to compete (online), and at any time to view the progress of his teammates. You can also view Taiwan or the rest of the world rankings in the product user information. But a friend wanted to have this happen in a sports accessories ready Oh, you have to become deflated pockets, remove shoes and iPod nano price aside, this group of packages (including sensors and receivers ) price of about 1,000 Taiwan dollars (about 250 yuan), and running shoes with a s Retro jordans for sale ole slot only Nike have, we do not need all of you to support the purchase decision.BAPE is very fast and has reached the December series. This time we saw 4 dresses, all in different styles, without repetition. Camouflage element again now, is really not greasy with 100 classic. The retro flavor is very strong, CARDIGAN also has the Academy wind download (57.79 KB) download (66.49 KB) download (80.05 KB) download (39.23 KB) download (41.88 KB) 2014-10-5 11:23 upload and download attachments (203.43 KB) at the classic shoes the transformation of its Nike in the upcoming autumn and winter, again will be a series cheap foamposites of sports shoes into SneakerBoot, The collection produces a whole new "SneakerBoot" series. The new series again focuses on functional and protective performance, using helps to design a more comfortable and safe dress experience for your feet. The latest Sneakerboot shoes include Air, Max 90, and Air, Max 1, Lunar, Force 1, Lunarfresh, Lunarelite, Sky, Hi, Roshe, Run, Hi, Air, Trainer, SC, Lunardome 1, Dunk, Sky, Hi and Roshe Run total ten shoes. The shoes that have been reformed have changed not only in appearance, but also in , together with sturdy, wearable material, fits with waterproof soles, even if climb cheap jordan shoes for men ing the mountain is not a problem. It's absolutely suitable for outdoor environment with use. The series will be launched in October 2nd this year, Nike Sportswear designated retailers.Wie & nbsp; (Michelle & nbsp; Wie) & nbsp; always knew how to be in the limelight. The 25-year-old athletes as young as 12 years old, has been active in professional golf course, 14-year-old began to participate in the men's professional game. In just the past year, she won the US Women's Open Golf & nbsp; (US & nbsp; Women's & nbsp; Open) & nbsp; title. In court, the Hawaii-born athletes like its bold and bright style takes away peop Retro jordans for sale le's sight. Training shoes, especially NIKEiD custom training shoes is one of her favorite ways to express individuality. "Over the years, I have been obsessed with NIKEiD," Wie said, she said, more than 90% of their own sneakers are from NIKEiD personalized custom. "I like to create eye-catching training shoes. Like bold colors and fluorescent colors like fluorescent green on the great, the leopard is also very good. Those who can impressive, I like." Recently, Wie will her personality style into Nike & nbsp; Free & nbsp; TR & nbsp; 5, this training shoe will begin in mid-December through NIKEiD sale. Which popular Cheap air jordan 12 ovo fitness training shoe in performance through a comprehensive upgrade, including a new Free & nbsp; 5.0 outsole and improved version of the design after keep abreast together. Nike & nbsp; Free & nbsp; TR for the first time in the Nike & nbsp; Free & nbsp; using curved hexagonal recess 5.0 soles. The recess enables multi-directional movement of shoes, but also allows players freedom of movement, and this is all Nike & nbsp; Free training shoe purposes. Meanwhile, the critical areas of the outsole also subtly increased the rubber mat to provide traction and support long durability. "outsole provides flexibility and a cheap jordans online sense of barefoot athletes training in the gym when a series of different needs," Nike footwear design director of women's fitness series Nicole & middot; Muller & nbsp; (Nicole & nbsp; Mueller) & nbsp; said, "but Nike & nbsp; Free & nbsp;. 5.0 Sole also provides many athletes do buffer force and other training such as squats and sprinting wanted" mesh upper with the engineering design, the site will need breathable mesh decentralized, easy to heat; compact mesh in key parts of the training, provide support protection. Dynamic & nbsp; Nike & nbsp; Flywire be retractable then follow footwork adjustment. By understandi cheap jordans for sale mens ng the female athletes in the heel requirements vary, Nike designers began working Free & nbsp; TR & nbsp; 5 training shoes heel design, by molding foam based Achilles heel shape made of, try not to sacrifice comfort while providing a sense of security. "One of the pillars of Nike women's design philosophy is to beautify the female body," Muller said. "With this in mind, we have added to enhance the beauty of the collar at the ankle, while also supporting force and ensure that the heel . softness "For Wie speaking, Nike & nbsp; Free & nbsp; TR & nbsp; 5 shoes is the best way she used to play NIKEiD design capabili Cheap air jordans for sale ties. "I think for me, in the design of Nike & nbsp; Free & nbsp; TR & nbsp; primary goal 5:00 is to make the shoes become bright," Wie said. "I want a bold, but less dazzling colors. As long as the color bright, people will notice my shoes and asked me where I can buy. " landing NIKEiD, female sports enthusiasts can choose from the laces to the bottom and all the details of the custom, can also be customized by oral NIKEiD. Just finished a pair of perfect NIKEiD personalized show, but also the source of power. "When training, there are always a few in the morning do not want to get up, do not want to go to the gym," Wei said Wie said. "But if there is your favorite piece of clothing or a pair of shoes, it will motivate you to go . Every time I saw NIKEiD gym shoes, will be very exciting, inspired me to train which can draw a truth: If you look great, you'll feel great, which means you'll do was great. " Since December 16, Nike & nbsp; Free & nbsp; TR & nbsp; 5 training shoes will be sold through & Nbsp; from January 1 start, non-customized version of the Nike & nbsp; Free & nbsp; TR & nbsp; 5 by specifying retail businesses or & nbsp; purchase.As the "great Mr." shoe design is not an easy job, even if the surgeon is being · Hatfield. The story behind the Air Jordan XXX design: a cold February 2015 weekend in his birthday party before the dinner, Michael · Jordan made the design of long-term cooperation partners being · Hatfield (Tinker Hatfield) design led 30th anniversary commemorative shoes. "On the second day, I drew a pair of shoes," Hatfield recalled. "Because I knew I was in big trouble: we didn't have enough time. And then I realized that the sketch of a pair of shoes wasn't good enough. So I came to the classic picture of Michael in the dunk contest, and then went on conceiving."The perfect combination of military wind and fashion WTAPS autumn and winter the most new boots debut, 2013-12-08 22:42:52 Japanese famous trend brand WTAPS founder Nishiyama Tetsu has always loved American military elements, WTAPS is also named after military supplies. So, in today's WTAPS products, you can see the presence of military elements. In this autumn and winter, WTAPS released a new season of Military Boot military boots, this work will be the military concept and urban fashion perfect integration. The overall shape of the shoes retains the lines of rough military boots, but the details of the design reveal exquisite feelings.

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